Alterhuman: someone who identifies as something other than human, such as but not limited to: incarnated non-human spirits, walk-ins, otherkin, therian, etc.

Asatru: a religion with beliefs based around the Norse/Germanic paradigm and deities.

ATR: the acronym for “African Traditional Religion”. Term used to encompass religions and religious traditions of African origin or relation.

Bibliomancy: a form of divination using books and text. Also called Stichomancy.

Channeling: the act of letting a deity’s or an entity’s energy pass through you in order to receive/deliver messages and form an energetic bond.

Chaos Magick: a contemporary magical practice that dates back roughly to the 1970s. Its focus is on belief as a tool rather than traditions and/or ritual practices, which are also tools. Practitioners tend to change theories frequently, use experimental methods to test magick, and occasionally build their own belief system based on their results.

Clair-senses: intuitive or psychic abilities that allow one to feel things about their environment and people around them, such as but not limited to:

Death work: any type of spiritual or magickal work that involves death and the dead. It usually consists of honoring the dead and using death as an important pillar to one’s personal philosophy.

Demonolatry: the act of worshiping or working with demons or demonic entities.

Demonology: the act of studying and understanding demons/demonic entities and their behaviors.

Divination: a practice involving the foretelling of one’s fate, consequences to actions, or simply seeking advice with the aid of physical tools (such as pendulums, tarot cards, oracles, etc) and/or one’s intuition.

Dowsing: a type of divination used to find things such as water, metal, oil, and other similar things.

Egregore: a construct made by a collective of minds. An egregore will usually form when a concept is believed in by many people, thus being the target to a great amount of energy that is directed at it, becoming somewhat autonomous. Egregores may or may not be sentient.

Eldritch: Type of energy similar to Void energy that looks to expand and consume. Beings made out of Eldritch energy can be found in the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Godform: an Egregore that has become sentient and/or conscious, as well as independent, not needing the collective energetic effort of the minds that believed it into existence, and usually exercising its power over those who brought it to life.

Godphone: a direct line of contact established between a spirit (deity, entity, etc) and a human person, allowing this person to receive messages directly from that spirit and understand them, and respond to it.

Godspouse: a relationship, usually a marriage, between a human person and a deity. Catholic Nuns, as an example, are godspoused, since they’re married to God.

PluralKit: A Discord bot meant for plural communities. It has features like message proxying through webhooks, switch tracking, system and member profiles, and more.

Wicca: a form of modern paganism, especially a tradition founded in England in the mid 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian religions.

Witchcraft: (in a modern context) a practice involving magic and affinity with nature, usually within a pagan tradition.

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