Although we strive to foster an environment where conversations can flow freely with minimal interference, we are a publicly accessible forum, and hence it is necessary to establish some ground rules / standards of conduct for the protection and comfort of our members. These rules also help streamline moderation of the server, such that everyone is on the same page about what is and is not permitted. The primary theme of our rules is “respect each other”, in every sense of the word “respect”.

  1. You must comply with the Discord Terms of Service and the Discord Community Guidelines. Violations may result in immediate removal from the server, depending on severity.

  2. You may not promote violent and / or discriminatory ideologies. This includes (but is not limited to) things such as white supremacy, fascism, mass murder / genocide, various hateful “-phobias”, et cetera. Note: it is acceptable to discuss these things (in the appropriate channel) provided that you do not express support for or affinity with them. This includes what you put in your Discord username and / or other parts of your profile.

  3. You may not denigrate someone on the basis of their identity. This includes the use of language that insults an individual for their membership in a protected class / marginalized group, such as slurs (with a narrow exemption for reclaimed slurs if they are used to describe yourself).

  4. You may not harass other server members, via direct message or otherwise. You are expected to respect DM preference roles and also refrain from sending friend requests without permission. If a server member asks you to stop messaging them, you are expected to honor their request or else risk facing disciplinary consequences. Furthermore, you must refrain from sending explicit content of any kind to other members in DMs without prior authorization (this includes unsolicited sexual advances or visual content).

  5. You are expected to conduct yourself respectfully within the server. In particular, you should avoid disparaging another member’s beliefs or engaging in ad hominem attacks. While you may share your own experiences and opinions, you should avoid implying that your experiences are the only “real” / correct / valid ones. Note: this rule is mostly suspended in the opt-in #polemic-pit channel.

  6. You are expected to respect users of the PluralKit bot. It enables personalities, spirits, and / or headmates to differentiate themselves when communicating through a single Discord account. You can tell the difference between PluralKit proxies and ordinary bots by checking the name color – the server bots appear as gray, whereas proxies appear as white. If you are a PluralKit user, you must utilize a system tag so that your proxies can be easily associated with your main account for moderation purposes. Note: any sort of adverse treatment of plural members based on their system origin, e.g. endophobia, is strictly prohibited.

  7. You are expected to make a reasonable effort to stay on topic. The server is organized by topic / interest, so you should move conversations to more appropriate channels whenever it makes sense to do so. In particular, conversations of a sensitive or NSFW nature, e.g. describing mental health challenges or self-harm ideation, or discussions of sex and / or drugs, should be constrained to the appropriate channels (for NSFW content, you will require an opt-in access role). Note: if a conversation is taking place that you don’t personally like but is otherwise topical and rule-abiding, you are advised to carefully consider your involvement in it.

  8. You may not spam. The Night House is not a platform for spreading questionable “messages” or dumping useless content without engaging with the main subject of the server, which is occultism. This is naturally a subjective matter that will be dealt with according to the discretion of the staff, but generally you should balance your quantity of “shitposting” with quality discussion of occult topics. If you are copy-pasting the same questionable content on several servers, then you are likely breaking this rule and will be dealt with accordingly.

  9. You may not offer unsolicited medical advice or attempt to diagnose anyone with a condition. It is permissible to share links and resources or suggest that someone see a qualified professional, but for liability reasons this is not a space to engage in any sort of formal diagnostic activities. Furthermore, the occult is not a replacement for proper medical care, and making any claim that a condition can be cured through spirituality alone will lead to disciplinary consequences.

  10. You are expected to follow staff directions and refrain from “mini-modding”. Respectful disagreement is expected from time to time, but extensively arguing with server staff over moderation issues will likely land you in trouble. Note: staff members may have personal opinions that they are allowed to express freely without speaking officially for the server. If you are not sure what constitutes personal opinion and what constitutes official policy, you should ask for clarification.

  11. You may not block staff members. Staff members may need to interact with you at times in order to perform their duty of moderating the server. If you have an issue with a particular staff member, please reach out to any other member of the staff, who will work to address the issue confidentially to the best of their ability. If you are discovered to have blocked a staff member, you will be removed from the server immediately. Note that this rule is bidirectional, so staff members are not allowed to block you, either.

  12. You are expected to use the ticket system for server-related inquiries / reports that require privacy. Staff members may not always be available to answer DMs or may choose to keep their DMs for personal use only. Furthermore, the ticket system allows staff to keep records of official interactions so that a paper trail exists in the event that an issue needs to be revisited in the future. Note: if you are instructed to use the ticket system for a particular issue, it is in your best interest to do so. Publicly arguing with staff about it constitutes a failure to follow staff directions and will be dealt with accordingly.

  13. You do not have an irrevocable right to be in the server. If you are consistently disrupting or otherwise harming the community with your behavior, you may be removed from the server. We will make reasonable attempts to resolve issues amicably and involving some degree of due process, but we reserve the right to remove problematic individuals at our discretion. Note: while staff members seek to be generally approachable and transparent in how we handle issues, you are not inherently entitled to an explanation for / involvement in any particular moderation decision.