Although we strive to foster an environment where conversations can flow freely with minimal interference, we are a publicly accessible forum, and hence it is necessary to establish some ground rules / standards of conduct for the protection and comfort of our members. These rules also help streamline moderation of the server, such that everyone is on the same page about what is and is not permitted. The primary theme of our rules is “respect each other”, in every sense of the word “respect”.

  1. Do not promote discriminatory / violent ideologies. This rule refers to (but is not limited to) things such as white supremacy, Nazism, mass murder, genocide, etc. Note: it is acceptable to discuss these things (in the appropriate channel) provided that you do not express support for or affinity with them.

  2. Do not use offensive slurs that target people’s identities. This server is sensitive to people’s identities, whatever form they may take, and as such comments that are racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. will not be tolerated.

  3. Do not insult or belittle someone on the basis of their identity. This server is intended to be inclusive of and respectful towards marginalized groups, including but not limited to LGBTQIA+ folks, racial/ethnic minorities, neurodivergent folks, people with mental illness and/or disabilities, plurals, non-native English speakers, immigrants, et cetera, so please do not use language that is disparaging towards such folks.

  4. Do not post NSFW content (i.e. content related to sex / drugs) outside of the NSFW section, and do not post suggestive content depicting minors anywhere in the server. NSFW content is permitted (and encouraged) but is restricted to its own dedicated, role-locked section in order to protect any minors that may be on the server. Occasional low-brow jokes / innuendo are permitted, as is language of a coarse nature, but the goal is for the bulk of the server to be “PG-13”. In accordance with this policy, please keep all of the “R” or “NC-17” content to the NSFW section.

    Important note: posting lewd imagery of minors is an instantly bannable offense, and ignorance is not a valid defense. Not only is it highly illegal, but it is also disgusting and upsetting to our members.

  5. Do not harass other server members, via direct message or otherwise. This means that you are expected to respect the DM preference roles, the names of which should be self-explanatory, and also refrain from sending friend requests without permission. Please keep in mind that even a member with open DMs may ask you to refrain from messaging them, in which case you are expected to honor their request or else risk facing disciplinary consequences.

    Furthermore, you must refrain from sending explicit content of any kind to other members in DMs without prior authorization (this includes unsolicited sexual advances or photo / video content). This is especially important because, as previously mentioned, minors are permitted to be on the server, and virtually every jurisdiction carries heavy legal penalties for violations of statutes related to sending sexual content of / to minors.

  6. Do not perform magickal workings on members of the server without consent. This includes but is not limited to energy work, readings, and spells. We take this very seriously and will take appropriate corrective action if we receive complaints from our members.

    Please note that by joining the server you consent to being within the protection of the server’s spiritual wards. The wards do not interact with any member’s energy or energy system nor intrude upon or probe them. They filter the energy that attaches to the server and guard the space from harmful outside entities, energy that attempts to harm the server or its members, and anything else that similarly threatens the server’s security.

    In brief, the wards prevent outside energies or entities from harming members of the server, as well as any foreign spiritual attack on members of the server. If you have any questions or concerns about the server’s spiritual protections, you are welcome to open a ticket to speak to staff.

  7. Please respect each other. This applies in all senses of the word “respect”, but in particular it means that you should refrain from disparaging another member’s beliefs. It is acceptable (and encouraged) to share your own good / bad experiences and opinions, but please do not state or imply that your experiences are the only “real” / correct / valid ones! You may offer advice if it is requested, but unsolicited “advice” is frowned upon, as is any suggestion that a member shouldn’t interact with the deities they have chosen to approach / worship.

    Furthermore, even if you consider yourself to be experienced in your practice, please make an effort to avoid talking down to people who are less experienced than you. This can be difficult in practice since different people perceive this differently, but please use your best judgment and make the effort to accept constructive feedback whenever possible and reasonable to do so. We strive to help each other, not tear each other down.

  8. Please note that some users are utilizing the PluralKit bot! It allows for other personalities, spirits, or headmates to speak without being confused for the host consciousness (the person whose body is actually typing at their computer or on their mobile device). You can tell the difference between PluralKit proxies and regular server bots by checking the name color – the server bots appear as gray, whereas proxies appear as white. If you are not sure what kind of entity a particular PluralKit profile is being used by, please be courteous and ask them!

    Users of the PluralKit bot are entitled to the same protections as other members of the server. In other words, bullying or otherwise mistreating non-humans is just as unacceptable as bullying humans – we welcome everyone on this server, humans and nonhumans alike!

  9. Please try to stay on-topic. We keep the server organized by topic / interest, so please respect this by moving conversations to the appropriate channel when it makes sense to do so. In particular, conversations of a sensitive nature, e.g. describing mental health challenges or self-harm ideation, should be constrained to the appropriate channel in the sensitive content section.

    Furthermore, please do not spam. The Night House is not a platform for spreading questionable “messages” or dumping useless content without engaging with the main subject of the server, which is occultism. This is naturally a subjective matter that will be dealt with according to the discretion of the staff, but generally you should balance your quantity of “shitposting” with quality discussion of occult topics. If you are copy-pasting the same questionable content on several servers, then you are likely breaking this rule and will be dealt with accordingly.

  10. Please respect the server staff and refrain from “mini-modding” (i.e. trying to dictate to us how to run the server), especially when we ask you to relocate or end a conversation that is getting out of hand (see Rule #5 regarding harassment). We also ask that you keep in mind that staff members may have their own opinions that they should be able to express freely without speaking officially for the server. If you are not sure what constitutes personal opinion and what constitutes official policy, please ask!

    We work hard to keep the server running in an orderly fashion, and we are here to help in any way that we can. If you have any issues or concerns, please submit a ticket via our ticketing system. If your issue is with a specific staff member, please send a DM to any other member of the staff, who will address the issue confidentially.